TINA – The Tina Turner Musical at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical Tickets

Lunt-Fontanne Theatre | New York, New York

Most people who have never been to experience a theater show don’t know what they are missing out on. The truth is that a Broadway musical or theater event, is something that needs to be experienced to be really appreciated. Typically, the majority of people who go see theater for the first time, always end up returning back again. Once a person experiences the thrill of live theater, they learn to appreciate it. And even love it. If you haven’t already been to a Broadway show, or seen live theater, go see one right away, and the Lunt Fontanne Theatre in New York is a great option. Once you see your first one, it’s almost guaranteed you will be back for more. So why not come see the breathtaking TINA – The Tina Turner Musical on Friday 15th October 2021?

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical at Lunt Fontanne Theatre

If you’ve read just one review of TINA, you’ll likely have seen the incredible amounts praise of the lead’s voice. Aisha Jawando plays Tina brilliantly, her voice is stunning and she fills Tina’s shoes so well you can almost forget it’s not actually her. The rest of the cast are just as talented, Ashley Zhangazha plays Ike and the ensemble is full of powerful voices and evoking characters. So come down to the breathtaking Lunt Fontanne Theatre in Manhattan for this much anticipated musical.

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical at Lunt Fontanne Theatre

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